4 low cost alarm monitoring services 

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Christmas is fast approaching and with everyone no doubt saving money for the festive season we thought it might be useful to round up the top 4 alarm monitoring services that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! 

Affordable House Alarm Monitoring 

1. SMS Alert 
Every functioning house alarm system will trigger a loud ringing noise should an attempted break in or burglary take place. While this noise may or may not deter thieves, you are leaving the responsibility of alerting the Gardai to a neighbour or passer-by if you are not present at the time. A simple, cost effective solution is to set up an SMS texting service with G4S Monitoring Ireland, the only monitoring station currently offering this service. In the event of an alarm activation at your home or business, G4S will notify you of this activation via text message to your mobile phone, at which point you can take necessary action. G4S apply an annual charge from €80+VAT for this service. 
2. Voice Recorded Notification 
It is useful to note that some alarm systems are compatible with voice recorded notifications. This works in the same way as the SMS texting service with the only difference being that you receive a voice recorded message to your mobile phone in the event of an alarm activation. There are no running costs for this service so it is definitely worthwhile enquiring with your local security company to see if your system is compatible! 
3. 24 Hour Monitored Alarm 
Opt to have your intruder alarm system professionally monitored by a 24-hour central station. This can be quickly and easily set up by a security professional via your Eircom telephone line. We are now offering this service from as little as €3.26 per week. We are also offering special introductory rates for alarm monitoring should you wish to switch to us so feel free to get in touch! 
4. CCTV Monitoring 
A CCTV observation and recording system is your silent witness in the event of any incident at your premises. Be sure to have your CCTV system set up for remote viewing (broadband network at premises required) which will enable you to view your CCTV system live from laptops, smart phones and other hand held media devices. Simply log in to the app and keep tabs on your premises at any time, from anywhere in the world. There are no running costs for remote viewing, just a one off charge for the initial set up. An amazing, zero cost monitoring solution! 
Our busiest time is always October to December and due to the spike in burglaries around this time every year we receive a huge increase in enquiries for monitored intruder alarm systems! Don’t leave it too late - remain security aware at all times and make sure you are protected by some of the options above. 
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Remember – ‘Stop the thief, prevent the grief!’ (9 weeks until Christmas, but we’re not counting……) 
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