Affordable CCTV Systems for home and business owners. 

CCTV on residential property
As CCTV systems become increasingly more affordable they are fast becoming popular for home and business owners. In recent times these systems are being purchased to offer security to a multitude of applications including schools, hospitals, prisons, retail outlets, pharmacies, airports, city streets, nightclubs and bars, nursing homes, local authority buildings, car parks, police stations, banks and other financial institutions, cash in transit vehicles, taxis, buses, boats and trains, private dwellings plus many more. 
CCTV is often referred to simply as ‘security cameras’ however, the term actually means a closed circuit television system. A CCTV system comprises of cameras, a digital video recorder facilitating recording and storage of footage plus playback, a monitor, power supplies, software, fittings, cables and accessories. 

What to consider when purchasing a CCTV System 

So, before you invest in a CCTV system it is essential that you consult with a suitably qualified security professional that can assess your needs and the risk associated with your property before making an informed decision! 
Selecting the right camera system 
The camera system you choose should suit your requirements and the environment. 
Firstly, identify the reason why you wish to install a CCTV system. Will it be used for evidence of reoccurring incidents taking place at your property, perhaps it will be used for observation and recording to add that extra layer of security, or will it be used as a deterrent to criminals? In some cases CCTV systems may be installed to provide a combination of all of the above. 
You must then ensure that the correct equipment is selected for the purpose for which it is being installed for e.g.: 
• Do you require internal or external cameras? Remember – external cameras should be suitable for all weathers. Some external cameras can be mounted in a special enclosure to provide protection from the elements. 
• It is crucial to assess the availability of light in the area in which the cameras are to be located as this will determine what type of cameras are required. Colour cameras with day / night capabilities and cameras that feature IR (infra red) illumination or ATR (adaptive tone reproduction) are perfectly suitable for low lighting conditions. An ordinary colour or monochrome camera system can work just as well in conjunction with security lighting being fitted in the areas where the cameras are located. To keep the running cost at a minimum fit security lights complete with sensors so that the lights will only turn on when motion is detected. 
• There are a number of factors that need to be considered in terms of recording: 
-What recording and storage capacity is available? i.e. 500GB, 1 or 2 terabyte etc. 
-What is the maximum length of recording time required? 
-Do you require your recorded footage to be of really high quality? 
-Do you need continuous 24 hour recording, manual recording or motion detection recording? i.e. the system will only record footage when motion is detected. 
-Does your system allow for simple retrieval and transfer of footage? 
• Wired or wire free? Nowadays the wireless range of camera systems are a more cost effective and hassle free way of installing CCTV with minimum disturbance or disruption to your property. The latest range of wireless cameras produce very clear audio and video recording and footage. While these systems are becoming more popular with home and business owners they are also perfect for temporary sites, fast developing sites and sites where running wiring is not desirable. 
Wired camera systems offer the exact same features as wireless systems, however it is necessary to install wiring from each individual camera with the wiring terminating in the property at the video recording equipment. You must ensure that the wiring is of sufficient length to enable connections from each camera to the recording equipment. 
• Recording footage can provide excellent, factual video evidence to prosecute culprits in a court of law. Choosing cameras with a time and date stamp feature superimposes the time and date onto your recorded footage. Having this feature can be really useful to identify when an event occurred and was recorded, particularly if the footage is to be used for evidence purposes. 
• The lens chosen should be capable of seeing a clear view of the subject to be recorded. The most popular lenses are fixed or varifocal. A photographic lens for which the focus is not adjustable is called a fixed-focus lens or sometimes focus-free. The focus is set at the time of manufacture, and remains fixed. 
A varifocal lens is a camera lens with variable focal length in which focus changes as focal length changes. These lenses generally range from 2.8mm - 12mm. At the lower range, the camera has a wider field of view, but the images produced are smaller. At the higher range, the camera has a smaller field of view but the image produced is larger. 
*Once a broadband network is available in your property remote viewing can be set up. This will enable you to view and operate your CCTV system remotely from anywhere in the world using smart phones, laptops, I-pads and any other hand held media devices. 
Mistakes to avoid 
When choosing to invest in a CCTV system please ensure that you use only qualified security professionals and registered/licensed companies with proven track records and recommendations. Don’t put your trust in a company which is not well known. 
Your system must fully comply with the Data Protection Act and legislation and security standards in your region. 
Lazer Security Solutions 
At Lazer Security Solutions our CCTV systems are suitable for all types of premises including domestic, residential, commercial and retail. Allowing to view your live and recorded footage on your phone with our free app. Security Cameras are a proven deterrent and the recorded footage can be used in a court of law. As not all homes and business premises are the same we can design a system to suit your needs and budget, 
Click Here to find out more about our CCTV systems or to arrange a free onsite survey and estimate please call us now on 01-841-6369 or 086-2528-522.  
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