Local case study in Dublin. 
Take a look at the YouTube Demo video to see how a till scan system works.  
Approximately 2 years ago our company received an enquiry for a CCTV system from a major multinational builders providers located in Dublin. 
The problem → Large scale theft and substantial losses 
The reason → Organised crime gang and corrupt staff 
Average annual loss → In excess of €500,000 per annum 
Loss period → 3+ years 
The solution → Our well defined CCTV and till fraud detection systems with audio recording technology 
Following the enquiry our team carried out an extensive risk assessment which enabled us to pin point the problem areas. 
In our system design proposal we included a till fraud detection system, high speed pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) control cameras, a specialized close range camera plus covert and overt equipment which was located in strategic areas around the premises to carefully monitor a sophisticated system of theft involving some staff members and private security guards. 

4 low cost alarm monitoring services 

Alarm monitoring centre
Christmas is fast approaching and with everyone no doubt saving money for the festive season we thought it might be useful to round up the top 4 alarm monitoring services that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! 

Homeowners have the choice of house alarm. 

Burglar alarm key-pad
During the building boom in Ireland most new properties had the alarm wiring fitted during construction phase, however it is becoming more common nowadays to construct new properties without the alarm wiring. In a lot of cases the customer must decide if they would prefer to have the alarm wiring fitted for the purpose of installing a new alarm system or choose to install a wireless alarm system. There are many factors to consider when choosing to install a wired or wireless system. Homeowners should carefully study the pros and cons associated with both types of systems before reaching a final decision. 

Affordable CCTV Systems for home and business owners. 

CCTV on residential property
As CCTV systems become increasingly more affordable they are fast becoming popular for home and business owners. In recent times these systems are being purchased to offer security to a multitude of applications including schools, hospitals, prisons, retail outlets, pharmacies, airports, city streets, nightclubs and bars, nursing homes, local authority buildings, car parks, police stations, banks and other financial institutions, cash in transit vehicles, taxis, buses, boats and trains, private dwellings plus many more. 
CCTV is often referred to simply as ‘security cameras’ however, the term actually means a closed circuit television system. A CCTV system comprises of cameras, a digital video recorder facilitating recording and storage of footage plus playback, a monitor, power supplies, software, fittings, cables and accessories. 
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